Hey Linux, What wireless card do I have?

I was curious what wireless card I had in my Thinkpad T540p. I have Debian 9 installed on it.

A quick search reveled an ubuntu forum post that provided some terminal commands for listing various hardware.

List hardware: lspci

Adding a pipe (|) and grep command with “Wireless” as the filter yields the following

To determine wireless card lspci | grep Wireless

Capitalization is important- w vs W

There we go.

My T540p has an Intel Wireless 7260

Ok, great… but I am curious what else my system has. Specifically, I would like to know some more specifics.

There is a tool called lshw we can install that will reveal much more information.

List hw lshw

Hmm looks like it needs to be installed.

Install lshw Sudo apt-get install lshw

Try it again-

List hardware lshw

Wow, information overload. And a note at the end saying I should run this as admin.

List hardware as root user Sudo lshw

Jonny five just called: More Input! More input!


Very interesting

Running a bad command yields a bevy of options, including a “-sanitize” command that removes sensitive information.

Useful for when posting online.

Apparently there is also a graphical version of this. We need to install the package

Install list hardware graphical Sudo apt-get install lshw-gtk

List hardware in graphical mode lshw-gtk

Let’s try it anyway: Execute!


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Way more information!